This week we recap E3 and talk about video games for once in a long time. Cody created a game and Brian failed. 


Some of the games we are looking for are Tunic, Sable, Megaman 11, Kingdom Hearts 3, Cathrine and many more. 


Brian brings up the Sony controversy concerning Fornite and cross platform use. 


Over all we talk about our name sake VIDEO GAMES


This week Brian and Cody Recap 4/20. 


Brian recaps Record Store Day and the adventure of camping out for exclusive vinyls. 


Nick also joins the episode and recap how episode 200 was amazing when we have structure or specials they are the best episodes. 


We introduce our new sponser Naked Zebra for all your clothes need. 


Cody really wants Brian to fight Chris Hardwick and they come up with a skit where Brian gets beaten up.

April 13, 2018

Coin Operated 200: Part 1

This Week we give you Episode 200! It was so massive we had to break it up into two parts. We bring in new guests like Byron and old favorites like Julian and Hard at Work Matt. 


Part 1 brings you a new game we stole from TESD and ends on a cliff hanger where you will need to listen to part 2 to find out the answer. 


Thanks for coming along and sharing in this adventure with us and we look forward to episode 300 in the future. 


New Intro by Bossman Parker


This week Brian and Cody recap the epic Episode 200. Nick also joined in on the merry making of this hangover episode. 


We lived streamed the episode....... which ended up being a mistake because Brian got distracted and went over the economical reasons why Toys R Us had to Close down its stores. 


We really tried this week but we just couldn't because of the live stream. So to make up for it Episode 200 will be realeased with some video. to show case the sheer amount of crazy it really was. 


Enjoy this stepping stone. Also Catch us at MEGACON Orlando!


This week Brian picks who he thinks will win Best Picture and a few of the other Categories as Cody has seen almost nothing of the Best Pictures movies or anything that isn’t Disney related. Brian is correct with a lot of his choices. Like Avengers being moved up a week to not kill the buzz for Solo a Star Wars Story.

The boys talk about Kevin Smith and his near-death experience along with Stan Lee and his health scare and the scandal that keeps on growing with him and nursing staff. 

For video games we talk about Brian actually beating Super Mario Odyssey and looking for something new to play.

We are gearing up for episode 200 which will be a huge deal and we a preparing for it.

February 28, 2018

Coin Operated 196: Water Down

This week the boys catch up and talk about Dragon Ball Super and how Nick destroys Cody in any Card Game. 


Cody finally watch’s Black Panther and Brian explains why the finale battle was way too long and could of been cut by 15 minutes and it would still be too long. Also how Marvel is giving Black Panther a sequel already similar to what they did with Guardians. 


Then they jump to Anime and discus which ones are better in Japanese or English. 


Brian and Cody Talk about video games specifically Doom and the patch to use motion controls. Also Brian beat a game for once and plans to play another one really soon. Brian believes that Kingdom Heart should be released on all systems across the board.


Also check out for a free audio book and 30 day trail.



This week Nick and Louann join us for a recap of our trips and Adventure in the wild. 


Cody talks about the Disney Marvel Cruise he went on with his GF. He talks about how they destroyed little kids in trivia. He also goes into detail about the amount of food he gorged himself on and how he cheated the system to get 2 for 1 drinks.


Brian talked about his trip to Washington DC with Louann. They recap the trip with how Brian wanted to destroy little kids for being annoying and loud at the museums. Louann talks about the Hirshhorn Museum exhibits and that they needed to be in an altered state.


Nick told stories of Hotel work and everyday shenanigans while we were away. Also Toby makes a guest appearance.


This Week we are in for a Special Treat as often mention Louann makes her podcast debut on the show. 

Louann talks about how she becae a fan of Captain America and why she got her anuanl pass at Disney. 

They both talk about the Oscars ad what movies they think will win. Shape of Water and Three Billboards get mention alot. 

Enough with A Quite Place, we get it and Brian and Louann are just as tired as you are. 

We end the eiposed with the news that Stan Lee was taken to the hospital. 

Special Thanks for Louann filling in for Cody this week. 


This week we finally play catch up with special guest Carson. Cody talks about his weekend in Clearwater and Brian his normal everyday.

We construct the hard hitting facts that Pokemon Go Conspiracy is true by Cody playing it. 

We make Oscare predictions and how Lego Batman wasn't nominated for an Academy Award. Also Brians Birthday holds a secret to movies never being nominated.

Listen this week to find out what movies and Pokemon Go has against its players and viewers. 




This Week we catch up on what we did during the Holidays. Brian finally saw Die Hard and he joins the discusion on if it is a Christmas Movie or not. New Years was a trainwreck with the parties and the crazy that Brian went through. 

Brian breaks down the Disney buying fox and what it means for both parties. Brian gives Cody a history lesson on what Disney is doing and why they are doing it. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is the catalyst for it all. 

We talk about the UCF football game to become "National Champions". 


Marvel Comics is not doing good and Brian tells Cody what he thinks is making Marvel Comics lack behind DC.


There is a Retro Talk about old movies and Comics.


Toby makes a guest apperance and he isn't welcomed. 


It is the moment you have been waiting for. It is the Christmas movie draft. We go up against 2 time Champs Hard at Work and try to get a win. The draft was moderated by Bossman Parker making his first apperance on Coin Operated. 

So enjoy our special Draft Episode! 


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


This week we prepare for the Yule Seaon. We talk about the disater that was the Video Game awards and the amazing move the Disaster Artist. Brian realizes he needed to play Kingdom Hearts game before 3 comes out in 5 years.


We also Hype up the upcoming draft with the Hard at Work guys and gie some highlights of it. 


Toby makes a special guest apperance by annoying us with his ball. 




This Episode is brough to you by

After a feew months we finally got a sponser and it is one Brian has been plugging for weeks to try and get. 

We talk about our Thanksgiving Break and what we did and where we went and if we did any Black Friday Shopping. 

Brian has had the worse week ever up to that recording with being sick and locking him self out. 

We lightly talk about the Hollywood Sexual Hassrasment and how it has affected movies and TV. 

We top off the episode with a bit of the Infinty War Trailers and how Brian is the little Lumberjack to Chris Evans.


This week Brian and Cody talk about their weekends. 

Cody Came back from California and explored the joys that is Disneyland. He and his Girlfriend partook in the Superhero Races. He walked the 5K while his Old Lady ran all three races. 

Cody talks about his enjoyment of Disneyland and the difference between Orlando and Anaheim. He really enjoyed the older attractions like Mr. Toad wild ride and the Matterhorn.

Brian went to the Orlando Beer Fest and drank his weight in beer. He talk about how fun all you can drink things are and how the VIP was well worth it to get the best beer before anyone else.

We also dive into Justice League and why we liked it and what we enjoyed most from it. Ester Eggs and what not.

Lastly, we discuss the EA and Battlefront controversy. We feel that Games are going to the Micro Transaction and nothing is going to change. EA answer to their stockholders and no one can change that.

November 8, 2017

Coin Operated 188: 2 Weeks

This week we get back to our old ways and sit down and talk about whats been happening. We explain the reason we have been absent for a bit. We talk about Thor and how we each experinced Halloween Horror Nights. 


Sit back and relax and enjoy


This week Cody and Brian recap MegaCon Tampa and their Halloween Horror Draft with the Hard at Work Boys. Brian goes over the strugle of getting a SNES Classic and the Hell that has become Funko Pop.


We talk about Cuphead and some up coming releses. Watch out this is a LONG episode so prepare for the over load. 


This week we draft Horror Movies for Friday the 13th with our good Friends Hard at Work. Did Cody and Brian redeem them selves or did Matt and Nick go 2 for 2. 


This is one episode you can not miss. 

September 28, 2017

Coin Operated 186: The Throne

This week Cody couldn't make it but never fear Matt saves the day.


We talk about some of the events that happened in Orlando like the Rickmobile visit and Jason Aaron doing something at a comic shop. 

We also talk about Elvis, Home Alone and dates. 


Its really all over the place in this episode. 

August 30, 2017

Coin Operated: Cross Over

This week we give you the epic cross over with Hard at Work. We draft comic book movies and with some surprise hits and a lot more misses. Check out the boys from Hard at Work do battle with the Coin Operated folks. 

August 23, 2017

Coin Operated 183: The Few

This week the boys talk about how hard it was to come by a few things. The first let down were eclipse glasses to be able to see the eclips. The second item was the lack of Super Nintendo Pre-Orders Avaliable. To top it all off Brian reviews The Few and gives his opinion on it and it comes up short on a few levels. 


This week we talk about DC and their latest release of Dark Nights Metal. We also discuse the new Pokemon Go news along with our favorite Nazi fighting game. Also Cody got his Mug.


This week we talk about Free Comic Book day and some of things Brian had to deal with. Cody came in last place but tried his best. Carson made an apparence but was more sideline then anything else. 


Not a good episode this week. Hopefully it will better next week. 


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